Facebook Depression

So often we find ourselves comparing our lives to others; on Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram.  In these arenas of social media, everyone is happy, fulfilled, “blessed”, having a blast and because, yes, we are seeing the pictures…eating well!! Often when we look at these happy, well-fed lives our own existence comes up short in comparison. Many times clients tell me in session that they feel like they are the only ones around who are not experiencing life the way those around them are. And then they confess, it is the lives on social media they are comparing themselves too. We must all caution ourselves to be cognizant of the “Peak” reality that is social media. These venues for communication are meant for all of us to share our celebrations ,brag on our children/grandchildren, share the good news of a promotion or new job or mark a milestone in life. Rarely, sometimes, but rarely, do we see despondent posts tweeting or posting “I’m average, my kids are average and my job pays the bills”. The caution is to know all those happy folks eating, drinking and making merry also have off days, feel sad, have disappointment. Celebrate with them, but beware of coveting these feting moments. Remember, they are snapshots of Peaks, not the entirety of life. As it should be. The natural ebb and flow of life dictates we will have good days and bad, celebration and grief, joy and despair.